WEBINAR – Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Issues Covered:

Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In and the rest of the new social networking media have revolutionized the ways employees communicate with each other, but have left employers struggling to figure out how or whether rules regarding workplace confidentiality, loyalty, privacy and monitoring apply to these new forums. For multinational employers, the issues are even more complicated, as different countries fashion their own responses to the new media.

In this webinar, we’ve assembled a multinational team of leading practitioners to provide insight into the various approaches to these new legal and HR challenges. Focusing on the particular legal responses of France, Germany and the UK will illustrate the range of emerging statutory and regulatory regimes that confront legal counsel and HR executives of multinational employers.

Among the issues we discussed are:

  • What should employers be doing to ensure appropriate use of social networking by employees both at work and outside of work?
  • To what extent is it legitimate to restrict and/or monitor an employee’s Internet access and how should this be carried out?
  • When is it permissible for employment-related decisions, such as hiring and firing, to be based on information obtained from social networking sites?
  • To what extent is an employer liable for things done by employees on the Internet (including bullying, harassment and discrimination)?
  • Can provisions in staff handbooks/codes of conducts enable employers to safeguard their rights in relation to misuse of social networking sites and other new technologies in the workplace?
  • What is the impact of the new EU proposals to reform the protection of personal data, such as the right to be forgotten and privacy by default?


Peta-Anne Barrow, Associate, Proskauer (London)
Peta-Anne Barrow is a senior Associate in the Labor & Employment Law Department, resident in the Proskauer London office. Peta-Anne has extensive labor and employment law experience in the UK and internationally. She counsels employers on all aspects of employment law including restructurings, large scale redundancies, outsourcings both in the UK and cross-border, matters concerning TUPE and day-to-day matters such as employee discipline, grievances and termination. She has litigation experience in both the High Court and the Employment Tribunal. Peta-Anne also advises employers on the employment consequences of both share sales and asset sales.

Cécile Martin, Associate, Proskauer (Paris)
Cécile Martin is an Associate in the Labor & Employment Law Department in the Proskauer Paris office. She is a member of the International Labor & Employment Group and the Privacy & Data Security Group. Cécile has extensive experience in data privacy law and is generally responsible for cases involving privacy issues at the crossroads of employment law and the law of new technologies, particularly issues concerning the cyber-surveillance of employees and the dismissal of employees for abusing technologies put at their disposal during their work time. Prior to joining Proskauer, she served as in-house counsel for the legal department of the French Data Protection Agency (C.N.I.L.).

Dr Burkard Göpfert, Partner, Gleiss Lutz (Munich)
Dr Burkhard Göpfert is a Partner in the Gleiss Lutz Munich office.  His practice focuses on labor law, anti-discrimination and cross-border litigation (USA) as well as insolvency, restructurings and reorganizations.


Betsy Plevan, Partner, Proskauer (New York)
Betsy Plevan is a Partner in the Labor & Employment Law Department, co-head of both the International Labor & Employment Group and Class/Collective Action Group, and a former member of the firm’s seven-person Executive Committee. She has built her practice handling all types of labor and employment litigation, as well as counseling clients in employment matters.


WEBINAR: Privacy and Social Networking in the Workplace: France, Germany and the UK