SEMINAR – Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Assigning employees overseas is an increasingly important consideration for international businesses. In our globalized world, there is a growing perception that geography cannot operate as a barrier to placing the right talent into the right job. Indeed, for many global businesses, spending time abroad and having first-hand experience of overseas operations is increasingly viewed as a key criterion for career progression.

Proskauer’s International Labor & Employment Law Group proposed an overview of the issues associated with mobile executives and international assignments. We were joined by speakers from our offices in France, the U.K. and the U.S. as well as from the German law firm, Gleiss Lutz.

The aim of the session was to focus on important practical issues and developments, including:

  • Structuring an international assignment
  • “Must-have” provisions for relevant agreements
  • Tax issues
  • Immigration and family concerns
  • What we are seeing in typical packages
  • Governing law, jurisdiction and the application of local law
  • Extending assignments
  • Termination and notice rights

Daniel Ornstein, Partner, London

James Gregory, Partner, New York
Jennifer Wheater, Partner, London
Peta-Anne Barrow, Associate, London
Cécile Martin, Associate, Paris
Dr.Thomas Winzer, Partner, Gleiss Lutz, Frankfurt

Internationally Mobile Executives – March 28, 2012