Social media around the world continues to evolve and so does the International Labour Group at Proskauer.   For a second year in a row, Proskauer and its global partners have conducted a survey of multinational businesses to find out about how they are dealing with use of this new media in the workplace.  Our second annual global survey about the use of social media was published towards the end of 2012 and again we received over 120 responses.

The responses evidence how social media use has become increasingly accepted as a way of conducting business.  The notable changes that have emerged since 2011, which are detailed in the survey are:

  • Employers now have more positive attitudes to the use of social media. This was up more than 10% from 2011.
  • The number of employers that have specific social media policies has increased by 14%.
  • Like in 2011, just under half of all employers have had to deal with misuse of social media by employees (or former employees).

The survey is one of the most comprehensive summaries of attitudes of multinationals towards social media, and like last year, it has been cited worldwide. This is what has been said:

Best practices for employers navigating social media rules, policies and local and federal regulations include a dedicated and well communicated policy on social media and a clearly stated policy on social media monitoring in the workplace, which should be limited to business purposes only, according to the survey” – Workforce Management.

Dan Ornstein was interviewed by The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel and was quoted in an article “Employer Best Practices for Social Media Use on and off the Job”: “Proskauer conducted a second survey on social media use in the workplace for many reasons. The survey gleaned interesting results last year, but because social media is new, particularly as a tool in the workplace, it is evolving rapidly so we were very interested to see if attitudes towards and use of social media in the workplace had changed in the last year and, if so, how. Also, because social media has been around for a few years, we wanted to identify any trends or permanent traits and summarize best practices for optimizing social media use in the workplace”.

As social media use continues to overlap more fluidly between the personal sphere and the business world, more employers are writing dedicated social media policies, and many are also monitoring employee use of social media sites at work, according to a new survey” – Corporate Counsel.

New York based Proskauer recently released its second annual worldwide survey of social media in the workplace and found that 69% of nearly 250 multinational businesses had social media policies, but only one third of them provided training in the appropriate use of social media” – Human Resource Executive Online.

Stories about social media almost always revolve around the word “more” these days – more contact, more information, more customers, more trouble.  Now a new study from Proskauer Rose, Social Media in the Workplace Around the World 2.0 adds even more” – Reuters.

One third (35 per cent) of companies have taken disciplinary action against an employee in relation to the misuse of social media this year and in more than 76 per cent of instances the issues relate to a current employee, according to a report by law firm Proskauer Rose” – CorpComms.

Although the number of companies that feel favourably about social media is growing, more employers are monitoring employees on sites like Twitter and LinkedIn, according to a new report on social media practices in the workplace by the global law firm Proskauer Rose.

The survey has also been highly covered by the French press:

“Almost 4 employers out of 10 control the use of social media made by their employees, i.e. an increase of 10 points compared to the rate of 2011, indicates a survey published by Proskauer” – AFP.

Yasmine Tarasewicz, head of the Labor Department in Paris and Cécile Martin, International Counsel were interviewed by a journalist from Les Echos: they both have insisted on the necessary to implement a Social Media Policy within the company and on the fact that employers must be very cautious when using some of their employees’ information on a social media” – Les Echos.

Almost half of the companies worldwide allow their employees to access social media in the workplace.  They were only 30% last year, according to a survey made by Proskauer” – Cadremploi.

Proskauer presented, during a press meeting in December 2012, the second edition of its global survey on the use of social media in the workplace, made before 130 companies located in 19 countries.  Proskauer recommend implementing a Social Media Policy country by country if the company is multinational.  Cécile Martin states that “it is possible to amend the existing policy on new technologies by including a part on social media” – Semaine Sociale Lamy.

According to the survey conducted by Proskauer, almost half of the surveyed companies allow their employees to access a social media in the workplace for both professional and private purpose, and around 25% of them limit the access to social media to some specific categories of employees.  At last, only a little less than ¼ of these companies prohibit the access to social media” – AEF Info.

You can download a copy of our latest survey by linking here (and French version here).

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