Proskauer Social Media in the WorkplaceSocial media around the world continues to evolve and so does the International Labor and Employment Group at Proskauer. For a third year, Proskauer and its global partners have conducted a survey of multinational businesses to learn how they are dealing with use of this new media in the workplace. Our third annual survey received more than 110 responses from a broad range of businesses, many with a global presence. The results revealed a number of notable findings and developments including:

  • nearly 90% of businesses surveyed now use social media for business purposes.
  • more than 70% of businesses reported having to take disciplinary action against employees for misuse (compared to 35% in previous years).

Click here to view the results of our survey, including a summary of key employment law issues, best practices and takeaways from around the world that arise as a result of social media use at work.