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EU Advocate General Holds that Certain Forms of Indirect Religious Discrimination Could be Justified

flag for European Unionflag for United StatesPosted in Belgium, Discrimination, European Union, Terminations, United States

On May 31, 2016, the Advocate General (“AG”) of the European Court of Justice issued its opinion in a case relating to a Muslim employee wearing a headscarf at work. In the case, Samira Achbita v. G4S Secure Solutions NV, Case C-157/15, the AG stated that a neutral policy prohibiting employees from wearing visible religious… Continue Reading

UK Tribunal Defines Some Limits on Employee Privacy Protections and Expands Anti-Discrimination Rights

flag for European Unionflag for United KingdomPosted in Discrimination, European Union, Privacy, United Kingdom

Employee’s Privacy Rights European courts continue to grapple with the limits on employee protections under Article 8 of the European Convention of Human Rights.  Article 8 protects a person’s right to respect for their private and family life, and our blog has actively tracked developments on the subject (to review prior rulings, see here, here,… Continue Reading

Ontario’s Sexual Harassment Protections Passed

flag for CanadaPosted in Canada, Discrimination

Ontario’s Sexual Violence and Harassment Action Plan Act was passed and received Royal Assent on March 8, 2016. The Act will go into effect in six months on September 8, 2016. The Act creates new duties for employers to prevent and investigate sexual harassment in the workplace. To fully review the changes coming in the next six… Continue Reading

What Multinational Employers Need to Know about Ontario’s Proposed Sexual Harassment Protections

flag for CanadaPosted in Canada, Discrimination

After adopting an action plan to stop sexual violence and harassment in March 2015, Ontario’s legislature is taking steps to pass an act that would create new duties for employers to prevent and investigate sexual harassment in the workplace. If passed, the act would go into effect six months after it is signed. The act,… Continue Reading

What U.S. Multinational Employers Need to Know about Background Checks

Posted in Criminal Aspects of Labor Law, Discrimination, Privacy

Employers often run background checks on their applicants and employees in order to protect the workplace and to assemble a good and trustworthy workforce.  For U.S.-based employers with operations overseas, the legal requirements governing the background check process in the United States can vary from the requirements of the process abroad.  This post examines some… Continue Reading

India’s Sexual Harassment Law Invokes New Pitfalls for Employers

Posted in Discrimination

India recently enacted the Sexual Harassment of Women at the Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal Act) 2013, which protects all “aggrieved women” in the workplace from unlawful harassment.  To be clear, the term “aggrieved women” includes both employees and non-employees.  The Act represents a drastic shift in the law that will require all employers with… Continue Reading

Labor and Employment Updates from Around the World: Germany

flag for GermanyPosted in Discrimination, Employment Contracts, Germany

In the first of our new series of labor and employment updates from around the world, we focus on Germany, where there have been a number of recent and significant developments.  With the help of Gleiss Lutz (a firm with offices throughout Germany), we are delighted to provide you with the latest news from Germany…. Continue Reading

Bullying, Harassment and Stress in the Workplace — A European Perspective

flag for European Unionflag for Franceflag for Germanyflag for Italyflag for Spainflag for United KingdomPosted in Discrimination, Equality of Treatment, European Union, France, Germany, Harassment/Bullying, Health and Security, Italy, Seminar, Spain, United Kingdom

SEMINAR – Tuesday, December 6, 2011 Program: Bullying, harassment and stress in the workplace is becoming increasingly prevalent. Employers must be ever-more vigilant to prevent unwanted conduct that damages morale, increases staff turnover and exposes businesses to liability. During this panel session we compared the U.S. and European positions, looking at: The legal framework in… Continue Reading