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International Employment Litigation Issues

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Proskauer’s International Labor and Employment Group participated to the National Foreign Trade Council conference held in New York on July 15, 2011, at the Annual International Human Resources Management Forum: International Employment Litigation Issues Daniel Ornstein, Partner, London Betsy Plevan, Partner, New York Yasmine Tarasewicz, Partner, Paris SEMINAR: International Employment Litigation Issues    

Privacy and Social Networking in the Worplace: France, Germany and the UK

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WEBINAR – Tuesday, June 28, 2011 Issues Covered: Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In and the rest of the new social networking media have revolutionized the ways employees communicate with each other, but have left employers struggling to figure out how or whether rules regarding workplace confidentiality, loyalty, privacy and monitoring apply to these new forums. For multinational employers,… Continue Reading

Resolution of Workplace Disputes around the World

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SEMINAR – Thursday, April 7, 2011 Program: As workforces become increasingly global, it is crucial for employers to be aware of the different ways that workplace disputes are resolved in different countries. Proskauer’s International Labor & Employment Group invites clients and friends to attend an overview of global workplace dispute resolution. The speakers from our… Continue Reading

French Supreme Court Invalidates Agreement between Employers Not to Solicit Each Other’s Employees

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In Europe, the validity of post-employment noncompete covenants is generally viewed with great suspicion by the courts and legislatures. Thus, in France, Spain and Germany, an employee’s agreement not to compete with a former employer is often rejected as an infringement of the principle of freedom of occupation. Similarly, in the United Kingdom, the noncompete… Continue Reading