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The French Supreme Court Imposes an Obligation To Monitor the Working Days of Management-Level Employees

flag for European Unionflag for FrancePosted in European Union, France, Health and Security, Working Time

The French Supreme Court recently rendered a widely publicized decision which restates strict rules that employers must comply with to avoid the payment of overtime to employees whose work hours cannot be predetermined. Following this decision, French-based companies will have to check carefully that the working hours of management- level employees comply with the obligation… Continue Reading

Ten Frequently Asked Questions about China’s Labor Law

flag for ChinaPosted in China, Employment Contracts, Remunerations, Restrictive Covenants, Terminations, Working Time

With the explosive growth of the Chinese economy, many companies are opening offices in China.  Hiring employees in China requires a detailed understanding of local laws and regulations.  Ying Li and Lijuan Hou of Proskauer’s Hong Kong office have compiled this list of ten frequently asked questions about the laws affecting foreign employers opening offices… Continue Reading